Trending Neurons

Is your access to to financial market trends.

Trending Neurons

Uses mathematical models, and machine learning algorithms to help predict trends in stocks, forex and commodities.

Trending Neurons

Leverages historical financial market data downloaded from Quandl, combined with technical indicators and sentimental analysis, to help you make a better decision on when to buy or sell a stock or instrument.

Why Trending Neurons?

Our Mission

Goal #1

Trending Neurons wants to help short to intermediate term investors acquire opportunities, avoid unusual monetary loss, and profits in the financial market.

Goal #2

We want to guide you to answer the most important question when trading—When should I buy or sell a stock or instrument?

Goal #3

Trending Neurons’ mathematical and predictive models can give traders or investors a clear idea on the direction of individuals stock or instruments, creating an opportunity for an investment strategy that is suitable and sustainable for future market conditions.

Goal #4

Trending Neurons passionately aims to introduce a new stream of income for new sets of people, especially those who have never traded before.

Value Proposition

Trending Neurons aims to position itself as the most accurate market trend predictions online.

Core Values


The unrelenting pursuit of knowledge allows us to be persistent in delivering cutting edge, accurate and innovative products for our clients.


We manage expectations and avoid disappointment by being proactive and quick response.


We continuously learn from the past to improve the future, just as our algorithms learns from the past to predict future trends.

Results Centered

We drive clear and objective targets, monitor and communicate results with the aim to exceed expectations.


We have a strong emotional connection to the outcome of our deliverables and the well-being of our people.


Our customers’ satisfaction is the center at what we do, so we are committed to being the best.